In 1947, a dangerous shipping incident saw an entire train assembly sink to the depths of Slocan Lake. 75 years later, a diver and his team set out to locate and extract this historic steam locomotive, aided by one of the wreck’s living survivors, a 99-year-old brakeman who was on the train that fateful day. Battling the elements in one of Canada’s deepest lakes, with depths of up to 1000 ft, the grueling expedition tests even the hardiest members of the team. But as the search goes on, the team stumbles upon a more intimate discovery surrounding the townsfolk who call these remote mountains in British Columbia home.





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Genre: Documentary, History, Expedition

Runtime: 88 minutes

Country: Canada

Technical: Digital, 4K, Colour, 16:9

Year: 2023

Language: English

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Lost underwater for 75 years, a diver and his team embark on a search to find a sunken steam locomotive in one of Canada’s deepest lakes, where a more intimate discovery unveils itself surrounding the remote community of Slocan.


In 1947, a dangerous shipping incident saw an entire train assembly sink to the depths of Slocan Lake. 75 years later, a diver and his team set out to locate and extract this historic steam locomotive, aided by one of the wreck’s living survivors, a 99-year-old brakeman who was on the train that fateful day. Battling the elements in one of Canada’s deepest lakes, with depths of up to 1000 ft, the grueling expedition tests even the hardiest members of the team. But as the search goes on, the team stumbles upon a more intimate discovery surrounding the townsfolk who call these remote mountains in British Columbia home.


Shortly after WWII, a dangerous shipping incident on Slocan Lake saw an entire train assembly sink to the depths of this remote lake in British Columbia, Canada. Never recovered, a shroud of mystery and limited records conceal the whereabouts of the final resting place of the sunken CPR locomotive #3512. Colten Wilke, a diver and commercial fisherman fascinated with this local legend, recruits an experienced commercial dive team to locate and extract this historic steam locomotive, 75 years later.

The expedition begins with a calculated look into the limited local records available, and a logistical survey of the mysterious lake, but the expedition really kicks into high gear when Colten finds out that the wreck’s last living survivor, a 99-year-old brakeman, still lives. Bill Chapman was just a young trainman aboard the locomotive on that fateful day in 1947, but his first hand accounts point the team into a general search area, as they prepare for the expedition. Armed with a mini-sub (ROV), industrial barges, a marine crew, and various sonar and GPS technology, the team embarks on a grueling search to battle the elements and search in depths of up to 1000 ft, which make Slocan Lake one of the deepest lakes in Canada. They face trials on the water, technical mishaps and an onslaught of naysayers as the expedition tests even the experienced members of the hardy crew. But as the search goes on, the search team stumbles upon a more intimate discovery surrounding the townsfolk who call these remote mountains in British Columbia home. They observe a dark valley forgotten over time, filled with tales of pioneer riches during a boom and bust silver rush, followed by a major lumber industry which has also since come and gone.

With hopes of salvaging the wreck to create a tourist landmark and reinvigorate the local town, Colten and his crew are pushed to the limit when they are put up against the clock on their expiring expedition. Then… suddenly, after yet another change in search tactics, the needle emergers from the haystack, out of the deep darkness in 700 ft of water. Canadian Pacific Railway’s Locomotive #3512, it’s tender, caboose and snowplow are found. The news of the discovery spreads fast, and a touching encounter with the descendants of the survivors reveals a deep emotional-well that remains in a town deserted by industry, and forgotten by the world. Plunging like a spear into the heart and soul of a community, the sunken locomotive was an ominous foreshadowing of the decline of the once bustling western frontier town of Slocan, and the adventurers soon discover that they may have dredged up more than they bargained for… 


Kaio Kathriner, Director & Editor

Kaio Kathriner is a Swiss-Canadian filmmaker whose short film and documentary work received “The Flaming Faun” for Best of Switzerland – Audience Choice Award at Shnit Worldwide Shortfilmfestival 2019. From shooting at Everest Base Camp to on-ice with NHL superstar Connor McDavid, his filmmaking adventures have landed him in Nepal, Cambodia, Peru and the US, as well as shooting for FIFA+, NHL Studios, NBC Sports, CBC Arts, and Warner Music Canada. His narrative short THE DAY WE LEFT is currently airing on CRAVE and is in feature development through the Harold Greenberg Fund. Through scripted fiction and documentaries alike, Kaio’s work expresses a focus on refugee stories through sport and history, and adventure. THE LAST STOP: CANADA’S LOST LOCOMOTIVE is Kaio’s debut feature film, set for release in 2023.

Colten Wilke, Producer

Filmmaker Colten Wilke’s venture into the world of entertainment began during his time in the Professional Diver Training (PDT) program at Diving Dynamics (Canadian Diving Institute). Upon graduating, he served aboard and guided on the Nautilus Swell in Alaska, a live-aboard dive vessel. He led excursions and dives into remote islands, where guests adventured into uninhabited areas of the Inside Passage to the Pacific Ocean’s various sea life. Colten later spent 3 years as a halibut fisherman aboard the Ocean Twilight, which would eventually lend its name to the production company he founded, Ocean Twilight Films. In 2015, he studied acting at the Victoria Academy of Dramatic Arts, and then produced his first feature film THUNDERBIRD in 2021, in which he played the leading role as well. THE LAST STOP: CANADA’S LOST LOCOMOTIVE is Colten’s 2nd feature film, set for a 2023 release where he  led the expedition to find the lost steam locomotive in Slocan Lake. His next film AIRBAND is currently in development. 

Colten’s philosophy is to find creative people passionate about expression, and to work with them to bring compelling stories to life on the screen. He is also focused on documentaries and factual television, launching Hoghead Media. Colten’s talents of diving in deep waters, exploring mine shafts and his determination to write untold stories make him unique as a filmmaker and one to watch as his adventures continue.

Clint Stibbard, Producer

Hoghead media is a division of JDS Mining, in which Clint is a construction industry professional with a diverse skill set acquired on various industrial projects and an early exposure to the mining industry. Clint has superior analytical skills, exceptional interpersonal and communication skills and the determination required to see complex projects through to completion. Clint’s experience with project management has led to corporate management responsibilities which include overseeing the growth and performance of new additions to the JDS group’s portfolio of businesses and assets. Clint brings a unique and educational background to complement Hoghead Media’s creative team. 

Sean Buckley, Producer

Sean Buckley is an internationally celebrated industry-veteran, who founded Buck Productions.

Since Buck’s inception twenty-five years ago, Buck Productions has become one of the most recognizable content houses in North America, known for pushing storytelling boundaries across a plethora of mediums. Sean lives and breathes the corporate motto, Versatile as Buck, producing everything from Unscripted Television to Branded Content, Feature Documentaries to Feature Films and, most recently, Scripted television. Sean feels privileged to have produced stories for many of the major broadcasters in North America and to have series in Buck’s slate that have sold to over 137 countries.

Sean’s goal has always been to create stories that people want to watch, but even more than that, to foster and champion a community of like-minded individuals as they journey through the industry. Strengthening Canada’s creative change makers and their stories for the past 25 years while advancing storytelling into the future, that’s the legacy to which he is most proud. 

Emma Fleury, Executive Producer

Emma Fleury Harvey is the Head of Scripted Television, for Buck Productions. A fastidious Producer and Development Executive with a passion for out of the box storytelling, Emma is proud to have had an all-encompassing hands-on education in development, distribution and production, while working at some of the most respected content houses across Canada and the US. Her penchant for developing commercially viable content, has led to the commissioning of multiple series.

Kerrigan Cartner, Associate Producer & Production Manager

Kerrigan Cartner has an extensive background in various aspects of production, expanding across all genres, including documentary, TV Series, independent, stills campaigns, and TV Commercials. Kerrigan grew up in Whistler with the immersed world of natural beauty, as the mountains served as both a playground and a source of inspiration. 

Currently, Kerrigan is a bidding producer at Filmgroup, a service production company in Vancouver B.C. Throughout her career, Kerrigan has collaborated with award-winning directors, agencies and production companies. She works closely with agencies and clients, understanding their vision and translating it into actionable production plans. Kerrigan’s innate ability to forge strong relationships with fellow adventurers and local communities has been instrumental in gaining access to remote locations and capturing the true essence of the area’s natural wonders in the highly anticipated documentary by Hoghead Media.

Stefan Berrill, Director of Photography

Stefan Berril is a Canadian director of photography, whose work is highlighted in many film formats including feature documentary, commercial, music video, live music and commercial. His most recent projects include the upcoming and highly anticipated feature documentary, STRETCHED, about the rise and fall of Lululemon founder Chip Wilson. Other work includes the documentaries DANCING WITH MOM (2022), THE TWELVE THOUSAND (2020) as well as CBC’s comedy show: NEW WAVE OF STANDUP seasons 1-3. Stefan’s work in commercials includes shooting for clients like Best Buy Canada, LNG Canada First Nations Consultations, LiUNA and startup Bettermoo. Working with a multitude of production companies and record labels including Universal, Warner Music, Dine Alone Records, The Field and more, Stefan has shot many music videos and content for Artists including Matthew Good, Barney Bentall, Colin James, Ben Rogers, Mother Mother and many more.  

Andrew Huculiak, Editor

Andrew Huculiak is a multi-talented artist. Besides being the drummer of We Are The City, a celebrated Canadian indie-pop band, he is also an award winning director. He directed music videos and short films before writing and directing his feature film debut, VIOLENT. Lauded by Hollywood Reporter for “hurling a brick for Canadian newcomers”, VIOLENT made waves on the international film circuit where it was awarded with 19 awards (including Best Canadian Film at VIFF and Best Motion Picture at the Leos) and selected to play at international film festivals in Karlovy Vary, San Sebastián, Canada’s Top 10 by TIFF, Amiens, Los Cabos and more. ASH, his second feature film was released in late 2020 and received 5 awards at festivals internationally and 8 additional nominations.

Cayne McKenzie, Original Score

Cayne McKenzie is a composer, producer, musician, and lead writer of the BC based band WE ARE THE CITY and screenwriter for the Vancouver film company Amazing Factory. With numerous albums released, Cayne and WE ARE THE CITY have received many accolades in their young careers. Some of which include, winning the Vancouver Peak Performance Project in 2010, to having their album ABOVE CLUB named one of CBC’s Best Canadian Albums of the Year (2015). More recently, WE ARE THE CITY won a LEO Award for Best Original Score in 2017 for their documentary ABOVE CLUB. Cayne composed his first feature soundtrack in 2013 to Amazing Factory’s debut feature, the Norwegian/Canadian film VIOLENT, which won many accolades: Winner of multiple LEO Awards including Best Original Score, Best Screenwriting, Best British Columbia Film as well as Winner of Best Canadian Feature Film at VIFF and achieved many other accolades internationally. VIOLENT made its world premiere at Karlovy Vary and went on to show at the Cannes Market, San Sebastian and many other film festivals. Cayne continues to work with Amazing Factory and WE ARE THE CITY as the team’s primary composer as well as pursuing other creative avenues, including a new music project by the name of BIG KILL. With a mounting list of scores for short films, documentaries and ads, the scrappy Canadian musician finds many ways to get his signature sound into the mix.


Colten Wilke: Commercial Diver & Fishermen

Bill Chapman: Former CP Rail Brakeman & Eyewitness

Greg Nesteroff: Slocan Valley Historical Society

Vern Johnston: Director: Canadian Diving Institute

Fraser Keil: Subsea Engineer

Shane Lockhart: Commercial Diver & Offshore Oil & Gas Superintendent 

Marcus Mayer: Commercial Saturation Diver

Clint Stibbard: Operations Manager

David Lawrence Jones: National Dream Legacy Society & Rail Historian

Paul Clegg: National Dream Legacy Society & Rail Historian

Bill Hicks: Slocan Local

Lenard Palmer: Miner


The Kootenay region of British Columbia to some is regarded as a set of insignificant, isolated back-wood towns, but to me – it’s home. I’ve realized my passion for bringing rural stories, landscapes, and lives of country folk to screen. I have lived my adult life in the urban big-city setting of Vancouver, and film thrives in our metropolitan cities, but I have found immense inspiration in the small-town life, where life operates in a dissimilar theater. My aim is to build interest in urban cinema’s counterpart – the films that explore a more isolated and simplistic lifestyle.

Slocan Valley is a place I had passed through many times, having grown up just over the mountains in the East Kootenays, and is unlike any place I’ve been to in Canada. From an outsider’s perspective it seems to be a place that wants to be forgotten, a place where people go to “not” get noticed. My opinion on this observation changed drastically over the course of shooting this documentary. What emanates now from the townships that surround Slocan Lake is a renewed economic movement through the normalization of working remotely. The population is actually changing as people are moving there to embrace the purity and natural wonder of the valley, and pursue the ever more popular outdoor lifestyle. There is a changing of the old guard, a sentiment I wanted to lean on when telling the story of searching for this lost steam locomotive, and thus uncovering the significance of this train. 

Since I was a child my fascination for our local history was evident. I have always viewed the Kootenays as a place with such rich history, both turbulent and progressive, starting with the region’s unique creation stories from the Ktunaxa and Sinixt First Nations. It drastically changed during those crazed gold and silver rushes of the late 1800’s. This followed by mass settlement of Europeans, hippie American draft dodgers, the creation of the Canadian Pacific Railway and lastly the growth of the lumber, mining and agricultural industries that still define who we are.

An old legend I had heard while growing up in these mountains was that of a steam locomotive which had gone down somewhere in Slocan Lake, a long time ago, and that it was at the bottom of this immensely deep, cold lake. Meeting Colten Wilke, a commercial diver and fisherman, then spawned the legitimate pursuit of this lost relic. Our intention was to make our own contribution to BC history by solving the mystery of this lost train and documenting the people and events that came before us – and thus shape us.


Hoghead Media

Based in Vancouver BC, Canada, Hoghead Media is comprised of producers Colten Wilke and Clint Stibbard. Pushing the boundaries of creative storytelling while diving deep into Canadian History is what they love. With dedication and hard work, the team at Hoghead is in the final stages of producing their debut documentary feature, THE LAST STOP: CANADA’S LOST LOCOMOTIVE. The future for Hoghead Media is bright as the debut feature launches out into the world in 2023, with more exciting projects already in development.

Buck Productions

Buck Productions is an international award-winning content creation house, with an expansive portfolio across feature film, television, branded content, documentaries and commercials. Owner and CEO Sean Buckley has cultivated a concept-first culture, where ideas and end-products are paramount. Firmly believing that the direction of production is based on the currency of ideas, rather than the bigger is better model, Buck recalibrated its strategy to a less is more approach, letting its core team evaluate potential projects based on the idea, and the idea alone. This model has allowed Buck’s partners to be proud of what they are creating and reach audiences in bold, unique, and innovative ways. Celebrating its 25th Anniversary in 2019 and making Realscreen’s Global Top 100 list 12 years in a row, Buck is considered one of the most diverse production houses in North America.